OK, I get it already!

OKCupid can be creepy. Going through user photos for the hell of it, I come across a photo of avivahg. And another. And another. And then the same one over again. It won’t show me anyone else. Wholda’ thunk a computer dating program could be such a vigilant chaperone?

In other news… on an IQ test, our new dog would score somewhere between asparagus and lint. Here’s her idea of what to do when certain common events occur:

Master attaches leash
Roll over, paw air
“Here girl!”
Piss on the floor.
Go for a walk
Run in circles and stand in front of master at every opportunity. Do very best to “hold it”, no matter how urgently I needed to go before the walk.
Hear a car coming
Stand in middle of road, looking alertly in the wrong direction.
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  1. about the show…

    Since the science center is at 601 Light street, we could just try to meet at the corner of Light & Pratt streets….

    1. Re: about the show…

      Works for me. I was going to suggest meeting under the big tension sculpture out front, but I don’t know how things will be set up for the show…

      1. Re: about the show…

        When do you think you’ll be there?

        1. Re: about the show…

          I’ll shoot for 6

  2. Funny stupid doggie.

  3. Holly description: awful, but so true!

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