So OKCupid has made it possible to retake their profile test. I originally came out as the Slow Dancer (awww, isn’t he sweeeeet!). This time I came out as the Gentleman. Gah! OK, it’s reasonably accurate, but this site seems determined to peg me as some kind of insufferably perfect Nice Guy. When it’s obvious that what I really am is the False Messiah. Your own personal Jesus, baby!

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  1. The hair doesn’t make you Jesus 😉

    I think you need a goatee too. . .

    1. I think you need a goatee too. . .

      It’s impossible for him to grow a goatee.

      1. *cringes at the thought* NO! negative on fuzz!

        i am the maid of honor…*shrugs*

      2. I haven’t tried lately… but I’m not going to, either. 😛 Yuck!

        …you girls and your silly facial-hair fetishes 😉

      3. Too bad. I’m pretty sure it says somewhere in The Jesus Handbook that Jesus has to have facial hair.


        1. I’ll glue on some brown yarn next time I’m Jesusing.

          1. LOL… go as Jesus and the 12 diciples for Halloween.

            On second thought…nevermind. Unless you’d like to portray a goth Messiah with female as well as male diciples..which could be really cool, actually… hmm…

            Sorry, don’t pay attention to my ramblings… I’m feeling nutty today.

          2. Just nubile young scantily-clad female disciples for me, thank you…

          3. Lesbian, bi, or straight? 😉

          4. all of the above! 🙂

          5. Towards what purpose? The corruption of the straight? The amusement of the bi and lesbian?

            Okay, I’ll confess… sounds like a party!!

          6. Out of the 12, it looks like we have 3 volunteers. Any other takes (must be femme)?

            Now we just need Avdi to turn the water into wine and we’ll be set. (grin)

            Avivhg, I vote you in as head mistress… er, I mean, diciple.

          7. i volunteer to be one of the disciples… sounds fun. *twinkle*

          8. Welcome to the group! As 4th diciple, you get a handy staff, robes, and access to the Holy Avdi. What a bargain!

            (Yes, I’m in a mood this morning)

          9. Shades of the Avdi Appreciation Society… (were you around for that?)

          10. No… that must have been before my time. Sounds interesting though.. 🙂

          11. “Lady Grimm” I will respond to. “Mistress”? *raises eyebrow* Dunno ’bout that.

          12. (bowing low) The most venerable Lady Grimm.


          13. mmmm party, and yes, i can put on a dress and look good >:)

          14. wait, this involves wearing a dress?? eeee….

          15. well, i hope not, but i have parts that need to be covered in order to attend >:)

          16. !

            No, you! Stay out of a dress! Trust me on this. Some men were not made to fit into dresses.

          17. You sound familiar… are you on Xnet?

            What kind of dress?

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