I got something off my chest tonight that’s been sitting there for years. Maybe it’s just the fever (yeah, I got it too), but I feel kinda euphoric.

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  1. you get better too now!!

  2. yay for questions being answered! and remember, if ur illin’ today ur going to the doctor:P

  3. I know what this is about!

    …and I’m so happy for you!

    And she should know that she has nothing to fear from me. You were right in saying you have explicit permission where she is concerned.

    And I’ll just leave that as cryptic as it is. 🙂 I love being cryptic. Because “crypt” is in the word. Ha!

    1. Re: I know what this is about!

      …you realize this makes it sound like something it’s not, don’t you? 😉

      1. Re: I know what this is about!

        not that i know what she is referencing, but it does make it sound like something in particular:)

      2. Re: I know what this is about!



        I don’t think I’ve really decided what to think about all this. Nor have I really said everything that I *did* think in those first moments when you surprised the heck out of me. …I need to go talk to batgirl!!!

  4. About time you got that pesky cat off of you.
    I mean that nasty group of warts near your nipples.


    I give up, though I have a hunch it involves a real cutie.

    1. A real cutie? Why thank you!! =)

  5. That explains your thin-ness. Something has been mushing Avdi!

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