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  1. murderous rampage with miniguns down the frat row you have there.

  2. duh, come visit me or make arrangements to go visit someone!:)

  3. make up for lost time (from last night) and cuddle with your wife. *shrugs* just a thought.

    1. I cuddled you but good last night. You just don’t remember 😛

      1. I couldn’t remember only because you came home so darn late and I was already sound asleep! Granted because you took me to the doc yesterday morning and had to work late, but still!

  4. drugs and masturbation, can’t go wrong there

  5. Create two 1″= 1″ scale, fully functional replias of the Lost In Space Robot. You can keep one, and ship the other one to me.
    Then we could be robot pals!
    (Or just relax with your girl and watch a movie!)

  6. well duh…

    GO OUT!!!

    its friday man!
    good grief!!!
    go and get your groove on!

    those that have the ability to go out on friday nights should take advantage of that and pick up the slack for those of us that can’t go out because of employment related handicaps (like having to work until 12am for example….)

  7. I recommend a bout of the CUNNING LINGUISTICS!

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