Despite both of us being a bit under the weather and more than a bit tired, avivahg and I dragged our asses out to Ascension last night, and were glad we did. Lots of lovely people there, and a generally good vibe I thought. __batgirl__, despite warnings to the contrary, is as enjoyable a conversationalist at a club as elsewhere, when she’s not turning heads on the dance floor. __batgirl__, I hope the drive home didn’t suck too badly. I thought I was too tired to do much dancing, but skunque proved me wrong, kicking my ass all over the floor and even throwing in a They Might Be Giants fix. dreamtigress polluted my mind (I’ll never hear that song the same way again), chibitig1 and cold_mercy kept us company and made us look popular with the hep cats, and netherswandust, looking queenly as always, introduced me to half of Ego Likeness *swoon*. Also there were massages.

When we got home avivahg, henceforward to be known as The Best Wife Ever, bought me mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Tonight I think it’s time for a much-needed night in. We have a stack of Netflix discs waiting for us. Tomorrow we find a park to frolic and gambol and generally get our fix of nature in. Due to lack of funds and a place to crash, we won’t be attending Freaks United. Possible Kommencement attendance depends on whether we feel like braving 4th of July traffic Sunday night.

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  1. ascension-y fun

    Thank you *curtsey* though I still feel mostly out of touch with my body when I try to make it move, I do feel like its getting a little better. I hope my removal of the stage slugs contributed in some small way to the dancing picking up more later.

    hi5 on the night in – i am looking forward to doing the same thing with Batman

    when we call her Best Wife Ever, is that to be ala the comic book store guy from simpsons?

    Tiger polluting people’s minds….. *tries to feign shock and fails miserably* πŸ˜›

    The drive home was fine other than being tired and having to kind of remind myself to stay alert.

    You have now seen my silence’s evil twin, Batgirl-not-shutting-up. Hope I didn’t delay you guys too much in your evening, sorry I didn’t make it long enough to hear skunque, I was curious after all your glowing reviews.

    1. Re: ascension-y fun

      I can’t speak for Avdi, but I thoroughly enjoyed spending the little bit of time we got with you. I look forward to more of it! *warm smile*

      And when I say “*warm smile*” you have to realize that I smile more often with my eyes than with my lips. So while It might look like I have a non-expression on my face, look to my eyes to find out what’s really there.

      1. Re: ascension-y fun

        oopsies! and thank you very much for the dill. Batman *just* about had a heart attack when I came home and pulled that baggie out hehehe

        the dill will be part of our dinner tonight for the muchneeded evening in, i assure you. i actually ate a small bit dry already bc it smelled sooo good.

  2. ego likeness…

    *I* got to meet both halves! …And proceeded to behave as stand-offish as ever. πŸ™

  3. Ego Likeness are really nice people. i had the good pleasure of having a drink with them while i was in Baltimore that time a year or two ago.

  4. NOOOOO!

    You must be at Freaks United! The Madison crew is en-force there.

    DJ Whiterabbit from Madison is spinning, as well as Stromkern, Null Device, etc…

    Jules is booting me off…I must go now….

  5. ??

    made us look popular with the hep cats

    huh? who would these ppl be? *hugs* glad u had a good time. i was a lil worried cuz u both seemed so quiet and it was odd to me that u got there so late…for u two anyway:) brave kommencement! if ur not going to dc, wanna hang out at my house? mom will be grilling steaks but i am sure i can find some veggie goodness for u.

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