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  1. Weeeee!!!! That’s spiffy!!!! A group of us here used to have cuddlepiles, but then people moved. It seems strange to “plan” a cuddle time, but *shrug* if it works, I might have to try and plan one! *excited*

  2. kinda like a spontanious “puppy pile”. yay cuddles tho.

  3. What a ripoff. We had the MCO a long time before these amateurs.

    1. you’re right, I should sue!

  4. I love cuddles.

  5. We should host such a thing.

  6. I want a cuddle party too!!!!

  7. Hey, your birthday’s coming up soon I hear. . .

    1. hmmmmm… maybe I should start shopping for big comfy pillows and throws…

  8. I though you guys would like that. It looks like fun.

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