Checking In

Yeah, I’m still around. I just haven’t felt the urge to post or to socialize, either online or off, for awhile. I’ve been having a pretty good time. Been playing a lot of video games with shadowandlight, kamakazatom, and avivahg; playing …other… kinds of games with the latter; venturing into shared interests which had gone unexplored up till now; getting outside on the weekends, hiking and whatnot. Been watching (*gasp*) anime, (*shock*) kind of enjoying it.

Although: Somebody please contradict the rumor I heard that Tenchi is children’s programming in Japan. Please?

Last night we watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was less annoying than most musicals. Nice use of animation mixed into a live-action movie.

avivahg has developed an unexpected taste for first-person shooters. I’m going to introduce her to TimeSplitters 2 next time we have some game time.

Today started off in grand Monday fashion with the failure of the alarm to go off (my fault), and continued with a flat tire on the way to work. I put the spare on only to find it was half-deflated. Fortunately I had my portable compressor with me. I’m hoping I can get the tire repaired, which I believe will be a freebie under the tire protection plan Mr. Tire talked me into when I bought my tires.

And that’s the news from Lake Wobegone, folks.

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  1. Hedwig is one of THE greatest musicals ever… none of the showy broadway singing… thank god… its the kind of stuff I can listen to in the car. Download some of the music, you’ll be loving it soon… 🙂

  2. get the game halo for her, i love that game, and it is awsome with more than one player.

    1. That’s actually what she got started on. I don’t have an Xbox, but a friend does. I haven’t figured out what makes Halo so much better than other FPSs, but it is a lot of fun.

      1. Ever heard of the legendary “Red Vs. Blue”?

        1. I watched a bunch of them, back in the day. Found them mildly amusing.

          1. (nod) So did I. But then they grew old.

  3. More Monday Blues

    To add to your Monday mishaps, your dad gave my mom some pictures… older pictures, but very interesting pictures… I’ll have to torture you with them later. Becka will love these.

  4. Well aren’t you Mr. Prepared? Your carry a spare tire and a portable compressor with you?

    1. Not to mention duct tape and a wacky-noodle!

  5. i miss my mini compressor. it broke. and tenchi is aimed more at teens and up. don’t forget, the japanese are not nearly as prudish as americans.

    1. the japanese are not nearly as prudish as americans

      I realize that, and I believe american kids would probably be a lot healthier if their daily intake of graphic violence was replaced by an equivalent level of sexual content. That theory only holds if it’s healthy sexuality though, which Tenchi definitely isn’t. There’s nothing healthy about a perverted, voyeuristic, groping father who’s antics are laughed off the way we tolerate a dad who belches loudly in public. Call me a prude, but I don’t think that’s something kids, even young teenagers, need to see.

    2. “the japanese are not nearly as prudish as americans.”


      My impression is that the Japanese are *far* more prudish than Americans, which leads to some very wierd fetishy behavior on their part. Why do you think cartoon “porn” developed over there? They aren’t allowed to have the real thing (some rule about not showing pubic hair), so cartoons about tentacled monsters raping young girls is the result.

      The age of consent in Japan is 21. (I know this because of a single Airforce guy I know who is there now.)

      I could try to come up with other examples, but that would simply prove that *I* am depraved as well. ;>P

      1. prudish about their cartoons on tv, ok?

        1. oh, ok….
          sorry i blew up.

  6. Welcome back.
    Missed you.

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