You have no idea who I have been.
And you laud me for escaping blindness and fallacy –
I was more than you can possibly imagine
I touched the third rail and lived
I saw flowers bloom from parched earth
I lit fires that still burn
I danced on powerlines. I bled and was renewed.
I have walked planes you only glimpse.
Don’t speak to me of wisdom in this half-life –
I knew a wisdom of abandon that obsoleted reason.
Don’t tell me about progress
To quote Prince Caspian –
“I have seen it all in an egg: ”
“We call it ‘going bad’ in Narnia.”

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  1. I liked that… “I danced on powerlines”… very electrifying. Made me think. Thanks for that today 🙂

  2. Your poetry style and mine are both changing.

  3. fyi i do appreciate when you put up poetry, likewise with becka i just often dont have much to say unless something in the meter or pacing rubs me the wrong way. i tend to relate to poetry only via lyrics, not much use when it comes to pure written word.

  4. I like it when you type in the middle of the night.
    Dancng on powerlines…mighty powerful stuff.

  5. Is it really “going bad,” or is just growing older?

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