Well at least I now have an excuse for being unhappy today.  Two weeks ago I bought a 21″ Dell Trinitron monitor for $200 on eBay to replace the CheapCo 17″ that kicked the bucket recently.  I just got an email – the seller refunded my payment because they damaged the monitor while packing it to ship.

So more weeks of staring at a distorted, blurry, 640×480 image at 65hz.

Damn damn damn.

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  1. I can still loan you my old one until you can find a new one. It’s not mine to give, my dad wants it eventually, but not for a while, so I can loan it. Show up at poker this week and you can take it home with you 😉

  2. that is horrible news 🙁 i’m sorry to hear it.
    that 19″ of mine is still unclaimed, if you’re interested. i’d have to investigate shipping costs, and i’ve scuffed it up a bit, but still good from what i can tell. price would be reasonable.

    i hope your day gets better.

  3. sorry about your shipping mishap 🙁

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