Reason has posted their 2004 presidential poll, in which they ask a diverse bunch of people who they are voting for in ’04, and a few other questions.  There are some great quotes to be found, from such notables as John Perry Barlow (songwriter for the Greatful Dead, and founder of the EFF), Drew Carey, Penn Jillette, P.J. O’Rourke, Camille Paglia, Jonathan Rauch, Eugene Volokh, Matt Welch, and Robert Anton Wilson (among many others).

Favorite quote, from Cathy Young:

2004 vote: That’s a little private, don’t you think? Whichever way I answer, half my friends won’t talk to me anymore. (Such are the perils of having a bipartisan social life.) Of course, I could cast a write-in vote for Xena, Warrior Princess…but that would probably piss off my friends who are Buffy fans.

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  1. 2004 vote: George Bush. This will be the first election in which I have ever voted for a Republican for president. We’re in a war in which the survival of civilization is at stake, and Bush is the only candidate who realizes the gravity of the danger we face and who is determined to win World War IV.
    -Dave Kopel

    Huh? What cartoon channel does this guy get his news from?

    1. *shrug* A lot of Americans see things that way…

    2. A pretty impressive one?

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