So this morning I saw a therapist.  I’m not sure how I feel about him.  He seemed pretty knowledgeable on some of the issues that I deal with; but I have some reservations.  I was a little thrown by my first impression of him.  I’m used to therapists being very neat, orderly people – this guy was kind of scruffy and had a messy, overflowing desk. It’s superficial, I know.  And as a programmer, I should be the last to judge someone on the cleanliness of their work area.  It just didn’t fit my mental profile.  He also doesn’t really specialize in the areas I want help with, although, as I said, he seemed to know what he was talking about.  He’s a PhD too, for whatever that’s worth.  One thing that bothered me was that at the end he handed his notes on me to the receptionist, presumably to file.  Is that typical?  To me it skirted the line of doctor-patient confidentiality.  I’m trying to decide whether to go to the trouble of scheduling a consultation with one of the other counselours that the EAP referred me to.

Just got back from a boring meeting made worthwhile by free pizza. 

Today I have to figure out why a DUART diesn’t generate interrupts on input.

It feels like Friday.  Sadly it isn’t.

Watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington last night.  Good flick.  A little sappy at times, but then, that was the point.  Jean Arthur was a cutie! Wish there had been more romantic development before the movie ended.  I liked the page boys – Hollywood doesn’t let kids be that smart on film anymore.


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  1. Watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington last night.

    I adore that movie.

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