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  1. Now that is Snape-like. But I feel that a short, mussier hair-do would be much cooler on you…

    always the aesthetician, am i…

    1. like, how much shorter? I’m allergic to strategically-mussed emo-boy hair.

  2. That is most certainly Snape-like…I love it! =)

    1. I’m just gonna take that as a complement, if you don’t mind…

  3. I miss your locks…

    1. Don’t worry, they’ll grow back.

      1. But… but…! I love this new haircut!! It makes me all squishy!

  4. Hmmm… funny I was thinking lately about cutting my hair shoulder-length again. It is almost nipple-length and it is almost summer. BTW, the hair cut looks good.

    I don’t remember you ever saying that I look like Aragon so I won’t say anything about Snape 😉

  5. My God, you’re hot! Can we have wild, kinky sex?

    PS We don’t have to tell your wife either *wink*

  6. Avdi may hate me for this….

    But he looks like a young French king….LOL


    1. That’s also amazingly accurate, LOL!

  7. Ohhh, yes it is too! *phtphtphtpht*

    1. Who wants to be in my potions class?

  8. looking good, avdi! here’s a few really bad pics of me. you can’t tell, but my hair is now 6 inches shy of touching my ass…

    1. Not half bad yerself, Stine!

      Just a wee bit longer than the last time I saw it, heh…

      1. yeah… the last time i cut my hair was nearly three years ago… the pic of me picking my nose was taken 10 months after said cut so you can imagine how short it was. needless to say i’m totally enjoying my hair these days…

  9. wow, you look yummy.
    And the obligatory *whimper* You had longer hair and cut it off??!!? Why!!!???!
    That out of the way, the style looks good on you.

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