Attention, Locals

If there’s anyone who doesn’t have anywhere else to go on Turkey Day, you’re invited to spend it with us.  There’ll be, like, food and stuff.   For more info, contact avivahg.  RSVP to one of us if you think you’ll be coming.

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  1. if it wasn’t for the lack of technology in the feeble minds of humans since we haven’t invented the partical teleporter yet, i would be there. reguardless, i think i sit at home and eat canned corn and play video games all day, but knowing me, i will end up working or flash programming.

  2. Ugh. I have to spend it in the mold house with my granny.
    Someone just… … you know… swiftly… before the mold does it…
    … too late…

  3. Thanks for thee post-y.
    we got some kids comming over here too.
    didn’t invite you guys cuz I figured you have family blah blah blah.

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