Why did I spend so many years longing after, searching outside myself for, that which was “closer than the vein in [my] neck”?

Thank you, Elektroschock, that was just what I needed.

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  1. Insufficient patience

    Couldn’t wait for the download. Spoiled.

  2. Avdi, it was good to see you at elektroschock last night. I like that first sentence of your post. Is that entire a sentence a quote also, or only the section in quotation marks ? What author is that section, and/or the whole sentence from ? And even though in asking I feel that I should know this without asking, but I do not think that I do and I want to ask anyway, what is it that you were searching for, that is “closer than the vein in [your] neck”?
    I enjoyed elektroschock last night also, as I always do, and the experience of the release and elevation of emotions while dancing to such music with such friends is sometimes deeper than it seems or is seen to be, but I am not sure that is any or all of what you are talking about in your first sentence . . . sorry that took me so long to word, any insight is much appreciated; 😉

    1. I am gonna answer this, eventually…

    2. The quote is (loosely) from the Koran, and refers to God.

      The rest is (hopefully) answered here.

  3. awwwweeee…. thanks! as you may well know, i’m aalways glad to see people enjoy themselves… and if you had fun, then i did my job!

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