General Update

Yesterday unexpectedly turned into a day of impromptu entertaining.  First an old friend of ours and his new wife dropped by unannounced on their way to parts North, and we sat around and caught up for awhile.   Then in the evening rebekahrae and her boy came up to visit for a few hours.  We ate tropical fruit salad and leftovers and discussed books, cross-dressing and cunnilingus.

Don’t forget, Over the Rhine is in concert next week, Saturday, at the Chameleon in Lancaster.  Who’s going with us?

Yay snow!  I hope we get a good solid 6″ at least.

EDIT:  Oh yeah, I meant to mention that despite the interruptions I still managed to get a decent amount of work on our taxes done.  Not that you cared, but I’m kinda happy about that.  Although I’m not happy about the fact that in order to write off the donation of a car we have to estimate fair market value at the time of donation, as well as providing sundry other details about the vehicle – and yet somehow it still doesn’t doesn’t raise our projected return by a single cent!

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  1. i still have yet to hear otr. 🙁

  2. Yay snow?? Are you INSANE??

    *blows snowclouds your way*

    1. Hey, I don’t live up north for the balmy gulf breezes…

    2. I’m pro-Snow too…!!!

      (But I have a 4×4)


      1. I have a Honda Accord. A CRAPPY almost-20 year old POS car. And I live in an area where the majority of the licensed drivers are clueless about driving in the snow.

        I’m very Anti-Snow. Especially if I have to go out in it. If I can’t stay at home and curl up in a warm blanket and watch it come down. Then it sucks.

        1. nod…

          i want a fireplace and a big glass picture frame window so i can be cozy with someone I love as i enjoy the falling snow and the warmth of the fireplace….

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