Anyone want to come protest with me?

I’m thinking of going to DC and sitting on the capital steps with a sign reading “Bite Me”.

Not for any one specific reason, just general principle.

Sick of the taxes and the arcane regulations that bear no relation to the way people’s lives actually work.  Sick of finding out about new things I’m not allowed to do/say/ingest every day.   Sick of Grand Projects.  Sick of vague Wars on This, That, and The Other. 

Sick of it all.

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  1. I was toying with two ideas myself. One is getting as closeto the White House as possible while holding a sign that says “Tyrant”. The other is walking around DC gettinf people to sign a petition to put homosexuals in concentration camps to protect our children.

  2. I live just south of DC

    and can’t tell the difference between any of the parties.
    IOW, while I can empathize with your viewpoint, creating a power vacuum isn’t helpful, I fear.

  3. It might not make any difference…


  4. If you do it on a weekend, I’ll join you.

    Also, you’re not allowed on the capitol steps anymore. Homeland security and all that bullshit. Sorry to rain on your parade.

  5. Sounds good to me…

    Even though I’m stuck here in Cheese-land…

    although I’m not nearly the libertarian you are–rather a more liberal democrat who actually does think the gov’t has a significant role to play…that doesn’t stop me from being utterly appalled at what has become of our gov’t… even FDR would wonder why in the hell our gov’t has become so fucking bloated an ineffective and inefficient at the same time…

    bull-shit… I say.. bull-shit…

  6. That’s extremely tempting…

  7. heehee that would be soooooo much fun!

  8. best protest evar!

    In Madison, we perpetually have silly parades, marches, and chants for the city council to make some statement against national policies, but I think ‘Bite Me’ sums up all the frustration without getting so bogged down in the piddly little details. It’s not one or a dozen issues that suck, it’s the structure of our government that disallows dissent in any meaningful way. We shouldn’t have to pay taxes; we shouldn’t have to support the empire, err, troops; we shouldn’t have to declare our allegiance to the state in order to get identification. If you ever do this, know that I support you 100%.

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