Does anyone have any spare seratonin I could buy?  I’m willing to pay top dollar.

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  1. Prozac is the best and quickest SSRI….

    1. well, it works temporarily…

  2. Try 5-HTP. It’s the precursor to serotonin. You can get it at health food stores and online. It’s extracted from the griffonia bean.

    I’ve tried every SSRI under the sun and none of them worked. I tried this herbal and it WORKS.


    If you want more info, let me know.

    1. Funny, I was just reading about that. I looked up “seratonin” in Wikipedia after writing this, and came across mention of it.

      1. 5-HTP

        I swear by this stuff. It only helps if your depression is chemical and not situational related. I, incidentally, have both types.

        But, yeah. It’s good stuff. Don’t follow the bottle for dosing, try stuff out and figure out what level works for you. And buy the same brand every time… because herbals aren’t regulated here in the US, different brands have different potencies.

        I take 200 mgs (2 100mg capsules), 2x daily. I usually take them 6 hours apart, because that’s when I take my Adderall, but they really last about 8 hours. I should take them in the evening, but I don’t.

        B vitamins are a catalyst for the reaction, so if you take a B complex vitamin, you won’t have to take as much 5-HTP. When I take my B vitamin (which is rarely), I only have to take 100mg doses.

        You can’t OD on the stuff. It’ll bring you up to normal levels, and then the rest will just pass through your body.

        Some people take it to help them get better sleep. It doesn’t make you sleepy, though… it just enhances your sleep supposedly (I’ve never tried it for that). Some people complain of disturbingly vivid dreams when they take it, but I’ve never had that problem.

        I found out about it from a (now former) housemate who’s into herbals and vitamins and chemicals in general, and who is a street medic for protests. He suggested it to one of my other housemates at the time, who has Seasonal Affective Disorder. She tried it, and it worked fabulous for her too. She used to have to sit in front of a light box every day, but now with the 5-HTP, she doesn’t anymore.

        It gets in your system immediately (it’s not a “level” drug) and kicks in within 45 mins of your first dose. I’d start at a 50 or 100 mg dose, and if that doesn’t work, try more until you figure out what level works for you.

        It’s cheapest if you buy it online. The best deal I found was 100mg capsules, 60 in a bottle, 3 bottles for like $40 or $50. I buy it at my natural foods co-op, 100mg capsules, 30 in a bottle, for like $12. The price on it will vary according to brand, and it can vary alot, so shop around.

      2. 5-HTP only increases it a little bit (tiny tiny bit) and very very very slowly. It’s also used for a sleep aide.

  3. yep….5htp and bananas

  4. Except…
    5HTP turned me into an unbearable grumpy monster when I took it. Don’t know why….

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