Still planning on going to VNV Nation show tonight.

Still looking for someone to ride with in return for gas money.

Question: is it relatively safe to park outside of Nation, or is it worth paying to park in their Gitmo-like parking compound? And how much do they charge for parking?

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  1. “their Gitmo-like parking compound”

    wow! They serve gormet meals and parade the Koran about on a golden tray there too?

    1. Yeah, and the fucking Lexuses and BMWs still bitch about the accomodations and demand to see their lawyers…

  2. It’s not worth paying for parking i’ll tell ya. Just don’t let a bums save or direct you to a parking space, if you see one pointing to one drive to another. If they tell you “Oh i’ll watch you car,” yes, they’ll watch it get broken into.
    It’s relatively safe, just don’t leave anything that looks remotely valuable out. Put it in the trunk! I consider it a safe area but constantly have to remind myself that it is SE!

      1. South East… which is an icky part of DC. Not that icky, but still icky.

  3. it was relativly fine when we were there. the bums suck tho. don’t pay them anything. and yes, definatly don’t go to where they point you to.

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