To whom it may concern

Dear Universe,

It is clear to me that I was intended to be independantly wealthy. If for no other reason than that I would be so very good at it. I am a master of enjoying free time. I always find a way to entertain myself. When I go out to eat I savor every bite. I am polite to waitstaff and clerks, and I tip well. I don’t throw hissy-fits over trivial annoyances, and and I never complain about being bored. If ever there was anyone well-suited to sucking the very marrow out of leisure time, it is me. Riches granted to me would not go unnappreciated or be blindly squandered, I promise you. The rich need a role-model to show them how to truly enjoy their wealth. This is why I believe I should be endowed sufficient funds to never have to work again.

Respectfully yours,


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  1. And the universe responds: If you are suitable then you will make your own opportunities.

    The universe is a bitch at times.

  2. I’ll second that letter. ;c)

  3. Take it from me, my family is littered with millionaires, there is one and only one important secret to being rich STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY!!!!! Rich people save their money for tomorrow, that they will eventually have some money. Poor people spend their money today and wonder why they never have any. Which is not to say that there’s no merit in spending your money today, only that you’ll never become rich that way.

    1. Inherently wealthy is when you can spend your money and still not be poor…


      Actually, it is usually described as being able to have a well off lifestyle while not working.

      1. I know that, but on will never become indepently wealthy if they spend their money today. Also a lot of people once the work hard enough to become independently wealthy find it hard to stop working.

        1. so are you saying it’s better to be impoverished and simply enjoy life?

          1. Not nessarily, that will have you end up bankrupt. I think balance is the best thing. As my dad was saying the other day, the thing about America is that any middle class person can save for any one thing they want. For my dad is was an airplane. So it’s best to pick on thing you really want. If you can’t settle to one thing then, become rich. Becoming rich isn’t intellectually difficult, it’s an issue of self control, people want to spend their money now. I feel that if I wanted I could become rich. I feel that I know enough about money, have plenty enough advisors in my family, and the intelligance to pull it off. I lack the interest. If I had the interest I suppose I could come up with the self control. Being rich intrigues me, but so does being poor. Lots of things intrigue me, that doesn’t mean I want them. There aren’t lots of very expensive things that I want. The main reason I could think of that would motivate me to become rich would be a randomn personal achievment goal. But their are other things I want to do for personal achievment. I also would love to start my own company some day (doing, something or the other) and if I became rich doing that, then great, that is one way, but if not (or if I never do start my own company) then I’ll be happy with whatever I have done in life. I just don’t have enough specific motivation to become rich. I prefer to try to be content with what I have. I think the best thing is to spend your money, where it’s not wasted and not to rack up a single penny of unessary debt. When I have money, I spend it on things for me or others to enjoy, if I don’t have money then I don’t spend money, which many, many people do. Of course it’s easier for me because I don’t have children and children make people feel guilty.

          2. I pick you as my “one thing”

          3. Get a room you two 😛

          4. Um…what if we bought an entire house together….would that do?

          5. To put it into more simply, a hug part of becoming rich is deciding whther you want to spend your money now or be rich later. There’s nothing wrong with spending your money now, but don’t expect to ever get rich that way.
            I’m leaving the issue of winning the lottery or sunddenly finding out you have a very rich, sick auntie out of the discssion. However, when that happens to a great many people they still end up poor because the keeping spending the money they have today, today.

          6. Yup a friend got $300,000 grand – gone within 10 yrs. He never even bought a house….


          7. 300,000 grand huh?

          8. sorry…um…

            $300 grand….

            If he had 300,000 grand (or rather $300 million and lost it in 10 yrs without buying a house….I would have castrated him to prevent further reproduction and passing on of stupid jeans)

        2. a lot of people once the work hard enough to become independently wealthy find it hard to stop working

          That’s why they should give the momey to me. Not having worked all of my life to earn it, I wouldn’t be a workaholic and forget to enjoy it 😉

          1. I didn’t mean that they are workaholics, just that they find it hard to stop working entirely. Which isn’t a bad thing, ’twill keep them mentally healthy. My dad had a friends who wanted to retire by some young age and he made the money he wanted to, sold his business and retired. Two weeks later he was working again, doesn’t mean that he’s a workaholis though, just that he learned the value of a good days work. Got to remember I’m 1/4 pure German, we value work. 😉

    2. Easy to say, not so easy to put into practice. I’m not a compulsive spender, but it costs a lot just to live, especially with a family.

      1. Well of course not, and that’s why many people aren’t rich. because it is difficult to put into practice. And families make it harder. So you’re not rich yet, so the next best thing to do is to learn to be content with what you have, and hopefully even strike a happy balance between being content and still striving for more when possible.

  4. To whom it may concern

    Dear Universe,

    Likewise, I as well am able to handle being independently wealthy, even more so…my strength of creativity and ideas would allow me to utilize such wealth to benefit mankind with the creation of many new ideas.

    Furthermore, I am very good at entertaining and enjoy having guests and sharing my abundance with them. And when I receive power & authority, I have shown myself to be very caring for the small guy being left behind.

    Please…send inheritance ASAP!

    – The Saj

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