Yipe. Seriously thinking about this school thing. Sent an email off to the enrollment dept. at UMUC, asking about enrollment reqs. For some reason getting my GED is a real stumbling block for me, despite the fact that I know I should get it. Something about annoyance that I graduated school many years ago and have been working professionally ever since, but I still have to take a stupid test, coupled with shame about the spottiness of my education and the unwillingness to confront it. I’m actually eager to take college courses; what I don’t fancy is pointless remedial general ed. crap just so I can get in. I am, to put it bluntly, better than this.

It seems UMUC doesn’t offer their straight Computer Science degree program online; instead they have a “Computer and Information Science” degree, which by the looks of it amounts to a practical software engineering degree. Which would probably be a good idea anyway; after all, the point of this is to get a piece of paper as quickly as possible, and since it’s all stuff I already do, it shouldn’t be that challenging. My serious computer science aspirations can wait for graduate school.

Out of curiousity, to those of you who have or are working on their doctorates – what would be a reasonable low-pressure goal to set for getting my doctorate? My 40th birthday? (I’ll be 25 in eight days).

Ugh. This is so stressful. Learning I can do. Learning I’m good at. It’s all the peripheral bullshit that just makes me want to run away and hide.

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  1. ugh…

    why do you want to get a doctorate???

    I’m only getting it because i’d like to teach (or administrate) at the college level. Otherwise, a doctorate is pretty damn useless–and in fields like computer science (and most engineering fields for that matter) getting a doctorate is generally overkill.. a masters and 10 years of experience make you more knowledgable and way more wanted then any doctorate…

    1. Re: ugh…

      Think of what his last name will sound like with “Dr.” in front of it. With a name like that, you can’t go wrong. (Last name of Avdi not mentioned to preserve what privacy he has left).

  2. Re: Doctors Grimm and Napier


  3. Why do you think you need your GED? Coilleges don’t ask you to prove you graduated high school. You just have to check the box on the application that says you did. Also send a transcript which I’m sure you can do yourself on the computer.

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