Well, everyone at home hates me. Yay. I wonder who else I can make unhappy today?

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  1. OH!! Me next! Please?!

    (I’m sorry… I do hope things get better. *hug*)

  2. can’t make me unhappy…

    not even by a long shot… :PPPP

    If I may pry.. what the hell is going on?

    You mention being unhappy with your life.. and somewhat implictly imply that you are taking this unhappiness out on everyone at home (amongst others..) but it is unclear whether
    a) they deserve it..
    b) they perhaps deserve it..
    c) they don’t deserve it.. but you can’t help yourself..
    d) they don’t deserve it.. and you are doing it with full knowledge of it..
    e) they don’t deserve.. but you don’t really care one way or the other…

    plus many other combinations and permutations…

    what gives…

    1. Re: can’t make me unhappy…

      They don’t deserve it. Trust me.

      He was fine. Dandy. At least he led some of us to believe.

      Then he went to NJ for the weekend this past.

      He came home an ogre.

      He’s fine this morning, or so he’s led me to believe.

      It’s a vicious cycle.

      And that’s the short version.

  3. I could give you a few suggestions if you really want me to. ;p

  4. I like you. *waves paw at you*

  5. welcome to the club. when I get a clue, I’ll let you know

  6. me – you could just tell me i’m an ignorant ass a lousy friend and unworthy of a relationship with a gal like Kimberley.

    (of course, I’d probably just agree…. 😉


    1. And I’d probably smack you upside the head if you agreed with something like that.

      1. but then i’d just kiss you after you smacked me – i’m such a dork aren’t I?

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