Mama Bear

It occurred to me the other day: Much of the drama that has occurred around me over the years can be attributed to the fact that I attract, and am attracted to, protective women.

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  1. Not that you believe in astrology, but that’s a typical Cancerian trait…

    1. Yeah, Cancerians do tend to be the family type in one way or another.

  2. How ironic that you pick that phrase. 😛 But Mama Bear has some very GOOD traits, too. It was over an encounter with a small puppy that I first realized just how much a part of Laurie’s personality is formed by Miss Bear, and its precisely that trait that, I think, has kept her on her feet (even if she’s wobbled a few times over the past six weeks) when faced with her abusive ex.

    Mama Bear, she be a tough ol’ bear, and she don’t like takin’ no guff from no MAN-folk.

    1. Oh there’s nothing wrong with mama bears – alone. It’s when you put two or more of them together that you have problems.

      1. Ever give thought to Mama Wolves?

  3. Sylphae

    I know a lot of people like that. Most of the men I attract and am attracted to have the same problem.

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