Attention, Music Lovers

Over the Rhine is playing in Vienna, VA this Sunday, September the 4th. Stacey and I plan to go. Would love to see others there.

If you’ve never heard OtR, I can recommend them without reservation to just about anyone reading this. Their style defies easy categorization, existing somewhere in a grey area between folk, rock, gospel, ethereal, blues and country. Anyone who’s a fan of Sarah McLachlan or the Cowboy Junkies will feel right at home (both of those artists love and have shared stages with OtR). They put on an excellent live show.

The show is at Jammin’ Java, at 227 E Maple Ave. E, Vienna, VA. Tickets are $15, available online here.

We are also looking for babysitting that night.

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  1. sunday is the 4th…

    1. So it is! Fixed.

    2. PS

      I’m sorry this means missing The Garden. I would not be exaggerating to say that OtR is my favorite band in the whole world, and I jump at any chance to see them. The timing is unfortunate.

      1. Re: PS

        i totally understand! i was only stating the correct date so you could find out if your show was saturday or sunday before too much planning/babysitter-finding occurred!

  2. Hey– just trying to cover all bases here– wanted to let you know I just emailed you with my cell # and plans for getting to the show tonight. Random and I are both going, we have tix, and would love to meet up with you guys!

    I’ll be off email all day because I’ll be volunteering at the Armory, but you can reach me by cell.

    Hope we can meet up– would be awesome to meet you guys in person!

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