The Burning Bush

When your boss’s boss (or boss’s boss’s boss’s boss, depending on how you read the org chart) – anyway, when the head of the whole damn plant stops by your cubicle to say he’s heard you’re thinking of going back to school and he thinks it would be a really good idea, you don’t need a weathervane to tell which way the wind is blowing.

Time to get crackin’.

And hey, this is good news: just chatted with an admissions advisor at UMUC who said that my lack of a diploma shouldn’t be a problem so long as I have a transcript from Carroll. Sweet!

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  1. That’s fantasitc news! Good luck!!

    1. Devil doll

      Butt lady! Woooo!

      1. Re: Devil doll

        (see icon)

  2. Wow, cool and stuff. There’s some pressure to get moving.

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