I don’t have cable, so while I hear about FOX News all the time I’ve never had the opportunity to watch it for myself. But after seeing this video, I have to say – this is the Bush propaganda organ that everyone whines about?!

Wow. Just… wow. I suppose that’s not a representative sample, but if it were I would easily understand why CNN is having such a hard time. We need more news reporting from journalists who are real people instead of plastic TV faces, who say “hell” and “damn” and call bullshit when they see it.

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  1. also try to remember other propaganda that was spent on creating a movie called “Faith in the White House” created by Bush, and you can find it anywhere in any major video store such as Target, Best Buy etc..

    1. “Faith in the White House” appears to have been produced by an outfit called Grizzly Adams Productions. What does that have to do with Fox News?

      In this post I was saying that for a “bush propaganda organ” (which is how I’ve seen it billed by a lot of my friends), the above-linked video clip is pretty damned critical of the government.

      1. Faith in the White House is organized WITH Bush it is a propaganda film. I see that youa re in the mood for a fight, so I give up.

        1. Laurie, honestly, I’m not trying to fight with anyone. I wrote a post about FOX News and their hurrican reporting. I didn’t understand what your comment had to do with FOX News, so I was hoping you could help me understand. That’s all.

  2. I saw that coverage as it happened…and it was rather incredible..reporters on the ground were just about breaking down in hysterics themselves trying to get someone to help.

    My opinion on Fox News is that they are not a whole lot different from the networks when it comes to *reporting*, it is the filler commentary that is generally more complimentary to conservatives.

  3. That clip is definitely *not* typical Fox News reporting. What shocked the hell out of most people who saw it was not even so much what they were reporting on– which we’d all been hearing about already– as the rawness and no-bs’ness of it coming from Fox reporters. Most of their reporting consists of the GOP’s current talking points spun as fact; if you watch Sean Hannity in this clip struggling to control the interview with his “now let’s calm down and get some perspective” banality, you have a much better idea what Fox News is like the other 99.9% of the time.

    It definitely impressed me to see those reporters pulling no punches and being real for a change. I think a lot of media figures in general have started having changes of heart during the course of this disaster.

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