Following the other lemmings…

How well do you know me?
Scoreboard here.

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  1. DAMMIT! I don’t know anything about you!!!

  2. Ach, man. That was horrible! I scored a 50!

    1. Interesting. I only thought of one of them as really hard.

  3. A lot of the answers to his questions were too close to call. My score was 60, and you’d think it’ld’ve been higher.

  4. Heh,

    I guessed your place of birth and then got every other question wrong.

    How can you program in Ruby over Perl man?

    There is no CRAN 😛

    1. Yes there is. It’s called RubyGems, and it’s badass.

      True, it doesn’t have the breadth of CPAN yet, and for that reason there are some projects that still make sense to use
      Perl for, for the libraries alone. But those cases are getting rarer.

  5. I would take it, but that site is pop-up city for me. I’m willing to bet I get an embarrassingly low score, however. ;c)

    1. Firefox is your friend 😉

      1. Got Mozilla…doesn’t help. *shrug*

        1. FF has better popup blocking, apparently.

        2. Ooh… /me wants your Pastafarian in Training icon. Bad.

  6. woohoo i’m the high scorer so far 😛

  7. Firefox under Knoppix w/ no plugins hates it. Sorry, can’t load it.


    but that would be because I just met you 🙂 Sometimes I answered silly. Now I wana know how India was.

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