So I’m coming down with/fighting off the infection that Stacey and my mom had last week. And I find myself in a in an unpleasant state.

Physically, I am more or less fine. Slightly scratchy throat, somewhat achey sinuses. Other than that I have plenty of energy. My nervous system, on the other hand, is a mess. I’m shakey, twinge-y, and apparently half braindead. I’ve been making stupid mistakes with the [tens of thousands of dollars worth of] hardware. Logically, I know that I should probably go home. But a) knowing how little I’ve gotten done recently; and b) not feeling physically ill, I would feel like a horrible horrible slacker for doing that.

Unrelated: I would really appreciate it if more people commented on my last entry. Assuming you have something to say, that is.

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  1. something to say about yesterday’s penny arcade entry?

    1. See, I told you I was braindead. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Well.. I think I commented enough in that last entry.. ;)))

    as for today.. all I can recommend is that you eat a Garlic Bagel Bomb==Bagel + Cheese + Peanut Butter + 1-2 Pressed Garlic cloves… PB is optional, but helps to cover the raw Garlic)…

    The effects will eventually be noticable.. i.e. you may create your own 5 foot perimeter.. but you should feel better almost immediately…

    also recommend coke out of a can.. the electrolytes should help your nervous system a bit..

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