General Notification

I am not, by and large, a terribly social person (despite what Stacey thinks); so I don’t expect that many of you would notice me dropping even further off the radar. However, to anyone who HAS noticed that I’m even less apt to call, return calls, respond on LJ, or return emails than usual: I’m sorry. Work is my world right now. I’m working 12+ hour days and returning home just long enough to sleep. Until we get this project back on track, I’m effectively dead to the outside world.

Just FYI.

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  1. Understandable – I do always read your pensive diatribes, though I, too, am less likely to respond these days (going through alot of personal stuff and trying to stay focused).

    Coffee is your friend,

  2. Been there 🙁

  3. Everything’s “General” with you lately. 😉

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