So I dragged myself into work today, ready for another marathon session of doggedly hunting down the bugs that are holding back the whole project – the bugs that only I have the knowledge to track down.

There was a flyer on my seat for our Technical Honors Program, matching all the email spams I’ve been getting for the same. It’s a program wherein engineers rate each other’s skills (anonymously), and the highest-rated engineers get some nice rewards. So I dutifully went to enter my ratings – and found that I wasn’t permitted to. I’m not in a high enough pay grade to receive or rate others for honors.

I’ve been here for six years. I’ll probably be working till after 10PM tonight, doing technical work that few here can do, certainly not without a lengthy getting-up-to-speed period. And I don’t even qualify to rate others for their technical skill.

Not an encouraging start to my day.

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  1. That’s crap. Ergh..

  2. Thus supporting the comment I left on your other post just now.

    1. I responded… and lest you think I’m contradicting myself, I would characterize the occurrence described above as not merely a lack of glory, but a bit of a slap in the face. Ultimately, I do work for the sake of the work rather than for recognition. But I regard having my face actually rubbed in my lack of recognition as something of a demotivator.

  3. Equal pay for better work

    Then it sounds to me like it is time for a pay grade increase as it seems to me that you work very hard and you are a very competant employee.

  4. Dude…

    don’t you know that it’s not about how competent you are or about how much you actually get accomplished–but rather about how much you schmooze the boss and what kind of Fancy degree papers that you have that determines what your worth is…

    Fucking horseshit..

    Although I’m part of this university system.. and I know that before education-based systems were put into place (in order to create and further merit based-systems), the main means of advancement in jobs or society was nepotism or class-based preferences… I still think there are a number of flaws in this system–mainly because a lot of people have lost track of the fact that degrees used to represnt an actual measurement of merit… and now they just mean that you are competent at getting through the university system…

    Give me 100 competent people, no matter what educational background, and I’m sure I could create the next fortune 500 company within 10-15 years… or run a small country…

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