Beer is good for you.

Not just any beer, though. Only good beer, with lots of hops.

I can’t wait to take my medicine.

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  1. The Saj Recommends:
    1) Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

    2) Super good 6-pack of assorted flavors of “live” beer imported from Belgium. Which sadly, the Saj can’t recall the name. But it’s a white box and funky shaped bottles. The shop doesn’t have any more of it either but is trying to get me more.

    $17/six-pack….and worth every bloody penny.

  2. It’s a beautiful selection that you brought home! Especially the top shelf.

    I am going to relieve us today of the Summer beers. I think it’s time. 😀

    1. Uhm… That was from me.

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