In other news, I had a good weekend. Went to lunch with tirani on Saturday, who then showed me a nifty pagan shop in Laurel. Then c4bl3fl4m3 took me for a night out on the town in DC. We had dinner at Kramerbooks, an all-night bookstore, bar, cafe and restaurant – all the necessities of life wrapped up in a single establishment. Then we went to the Brickskeller, a bar featuring the world’s longest beer list (!). Sunday I hung out with shadowandlight and played multiplayer Doom (don’t laugh, I’d never actually played Doom before) and watched Drawn Together. Then had dinner with Stacey. We got some important talking done.

Last night I met up with princeps1978 at Barnes & Noble and we discussed school, work, and ancient languages. It was good to hang out with a guy my age; that’s a demographic that I have historically had a very hard time finding friends among. shadowandlight is really the only guy friend I hang out with. I’ve always found it easier to make friends with girls. It’s something I still need to work on.

I managed to get a walk in this morning. The icy conditions made running unwise. Unfortunately I missed my run Sunday and Monday due to lack of time.

Tonight I’m going to watch NCIS and try to do some writing.

I return to Shrewsbury on Tuesday the 13th.

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  1. Horray Brickskeller! *Heart* The ‘Skeller!

  2. Yes, the Crystal Fox in Laurel is quite nice. Great place to shop if the incense doesn’t kill you first. Glad you had a nice weekend.

    Btw, is your last name and Stacey’s the same? Hopefully writing cards tonight!

    1. I love incense! I got some for my mom and for Stacey.

      Yes, we are both quite Grimm.

      1. ha!

        well you can keep me company with my graves.

      2. I love incense! I got some for my mom and for Stacey.

        I just picked up on this! You love incense so you got it for other people, but not yourself.

        hee hee.. that’s funny!

        1. I was trying not to spend much money… but I really wanted to get something for both of you.

          1. That’s so sweet! Thinkin’ of your mommy and your wifey! 😉

  3. A pleasure, as always.

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