Reading Jung always reminds me to be mindful of my dreams.

In Sunday night’s dream I sat next to a girl on a bench in a crowded train station. I think the man who was with her (brother? uncle?) had left her alone for the moment to go use the restroom. She was sweet, shy, and nervous, and she said she wasn’t sure I should be sitting so close to her, even though I wasn’t sitting especially near her. She couldn’t articulate why, but shyly said that it seemed there was something not quite right about it. I, on the other hand, was cocky, confident, sure of myself. But in my heart there was suspicion that she was right, that my motives were not altogeter pure.

In Monday night’s dream a smart, confident, and beautiful woman, a friend, cheerfully and matter-of-factly made love to me in a garden-like setting with trimmed hedges. It was unexpected, and she took the initiative completely. It was almost a friendly gesture. But were were interrupted almost immediately by someone else entering the scene, I don’t recall who.

Not sure what my anima is trying to tell me.

UPDATE: Further notes…

The girl in the first dream was not a child, despite her manner. She was a young woman.

The second dream took place at night.

I think there is some interesting associations regarding the setting. Trains often are, of course, significant in dreams; but in this case the association with actual trains was slight – I’m not even positive it was a train station, although I’m pretty sure. There are, however, some telling details:

The first dream took place in an enclosed, artificial, bright setting with lots of people and hustle and bustle. This is the world of commerce, of intellect, of go-getting. The particular cockyness I felt is associated in my mind with the part of me which wants to live the young batchelor lifestyle – confident, succesful, charming, sophisticated, on top of things. The man who had left the girl alone for a minute had the aura of “protector”.

The second dream was set in the outdoors, at night. This is the organic world of the soul, of the feminine influence, of the deep unconscious. And yet the woman in it had an intellectual aura – or perhaps the sense of someone who had integrated intellect with intuition. Her making love with me was not an act of passion, it was more like “ok, here, you need this” – but not in a cold or uncaring sense at all. More like a friend who tells you exactly what you need to hear.

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  1. I’d try to help interpret, but I’m almost certain my thoughts would be taken with a grain of salt given how close I am to you. I used to be very good at interpreting other’s dreams.

    That said, if you want me to share my thought on these with you, I will do so. Privately.

    1. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

      I’m taking them in the Jungian sense, meaning that third-person characters are almost invariably aspects of myself, rather than representations of actual other people. And I do think that’s the case here. But I’m not sure what their signicance is. I just think that it’s intriguing and potentially meaningful that on two consecutive nights I had dreams that were in some ways mirror-images of each other.

  2. I think the interruption/interruptor is significant too.

      1. I think you’re right. Although it seems to be a ubiquitous feature in one for or another in all my dreams that feature sex. Damn my mental chastity belt!

        1. You just can’t cheat on me, even in your dreams! LOL

          Just kidding.

          We can discuss this too. I suspect it’s a hurdle to your full integration with yourself. Anyway. Privately.

  3. Re: tie (fighter) die dreamcoat

    No the first girl wouldn’t sit next to him because he is a jew and nobody likes hebrew cocksuckers.

    The second dream tells us that God does not want Jews to reproduce in real life so they only do it in dreams. just to tease you.

    Damn Jew.

  4. i emailed my thoughts on this – and i still think the sharp contrast in roles between aggressor and passive is significant.

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