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From The Daily WTF, the best error message ever:

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  1. LOL!

    That is fucking great!

  2. I confess. I’m an idiot. I tried to click the “OK” button.

  3. Not sure what that had to do with the subject matter, but… OK! Yay!

    1. Hooray for Linux because Linux has a sense of humor. You get the best error messages and really awesome comments in the kernel. And, come on… fortune file. I need say no more.

      1. I believe the application pictured is Eclipse, which is a cross-platform Java IDE.

        …but yes, Linux apps do tend to have a sense of humor. Or at least their documentation does.

  4. WTF -Chuck?

    Oh, so special!

  5. Haha! Great!

    In my old Job, the one where I taught faculty and students how to use computers, I always used to talk to the computers like they were people. I’d give them encouragement like “Okay, come on, you can do this. Good job!”

    They all thought I was crazy. Neverthless, I could make things happen that no one else could, and the computers didn’t give me nearly as much crap as they gave everyone else.

    I think anthropomorphism is very useful with technology, if only because a positive attitude can help solve a lot of problems.

  6. I think the “I hate you” message comes from FTP, when you have the wrong password. When you have the right one, it says “I love you”.

    Maybe not FTP. But it is one of the major protocols.

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