Is anyone else a little taken aback when you’re reading someone’s journal, and it says “So-and-so is your mutual friend”?

Thanks, LJ, that’s good to know.  I mean, I’d been wondering, what with how long it’s been since he called me, but now I feel really good about our relationship.

Surely this is just the first generation, though.  It won’t be long before the infallible computer minds get more specific in their impartial judgments of our relationships.

“So-and-so likes you… in a creepy way.  Like, he refreshes your journal every thirty seconds”

“So-and-so actually finds you irritating, but doesn’t want to go through the drama of de-friending you”

“So-and-so has forgotten who you are, but is embarrassed to ask”

“So-and-so is your soulmate and future life-partner, you just don’t know it yet”

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  1. I hear Gir singing the “Doom Song”, while you’re saying this.

  2. “So-and-so likes you… in a creepy way. Like, he refreshes your journal every thirty seconds”

    Yeah, I’ve wonder that sometimes. Like people who reply to everything you post shortly after you post….whoaa….

    “So-and-so has forgotten who you are, but is embarrassed to ask”

    Er…kay, this is me. I’ve got so many people on LJ that are LJ friends. It just so happens to be that I also know several of these people in Real Life. However, for the life of me, I am not quite sure of the associations between LJ & RL.

    In my brain everything is distinct. (You’re actually one of the few exceptions. I’ve rather distinguished you and your journal into a single entity. But for so many others. They are one creature on LJ and another creature in RL.


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  4. “You know Dave, I have the greatest enthusiasim for the misson.”

  5. actually..

    it would have been so much better if they had used the term “stalkers” instead of “friends” …

  6. So -and-so is plotting behind your back. Kill them.

  7. I forget, who are you again? Oh I’m so EMBARRASSED!!

  8. That would be awesome!

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