I have no gifts and so this

I used to write the ellipsis was my skateboard grinding the interstices
       If I indent this line will it add poignancy?
six sixteen thirty-two criss-crossing passions fighting for top billing

someday I will write without the aid of chemistry.

but for now forgive me I am high on
beer and harmony
scotch and flatpicking

and shivering
with the alpine air
or maybe the depths of the sea

see I am missed and I miss
life is ever in stereo
left to right is reflex and right to wrong is experience

I gave you my surety
I hope the light in my eyes
was worth the gulf I feel now
and you were always just beyond reach

shivering now
you rise in the east I set in the sea
and my love spreads like an oil slick

Suzanne Vega, kin to the undertow
the things we learn young
never desert us
The sea is a as good a desert as any
to ripple away in
I am

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  1. I did that one for creative writing class, my teacher handed it back with a big question mark.

    1. Thanks, yes, it’s mine.

      I didn’t expect anyone to actually like it; it was really just an effort to clear clogged pipes after a long dry spell by flushing with a combination of alcohol and forced writing.

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