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My car hunt is down to the Mazda 3 Touring/Grand Touring, and the Honda Civic Ex.  Probably going to test drive both this week.

I got a never-used power cage plus high/low pulley, adjustable bench, Olympic bar, and full set of plate weights for $600 via craigslist.  I have no excuse not to workout anymore (I hadn’t been because I was at a point that I couldn’t safely lift with just a bench and dumbells).  Now I just need to start getting up early again.

Finally finished A Tale of Two Cities.  There’s a pretty decent story hiding in there somewhere.  Dickens desperately needed a good editor.

The movie Saved is great.

WarGames is not so great, but it’s good nostalgic fun.  Pity the poor director who has to infuse dramatic tension into scenes of typed conversations between an actor and a giant toaster.

Friday I LARPed for the first time.  In fact, I think that was my first time playing a formal RPG, ever.  What can I say, I was a deprived youth.

It was pretty overwhelming at first, but after awhile I started to settle into my role.  My character is a randy fop who entertains himself by flirting with married noblewomen.  I’m projecting a very short lifespan for him 😉

My head is a realm of pure pain right now, immune to medication.  Time to go home.

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  1. My wife is interested in the Mazda3 as well…

    She’s rather fond of Mazda’s.

    Where did you LARP?

    Any openings?

  2. Saved is awesome, I’m surprised you haven’t seen it before. It’s a favorite of mine, the ending is a bit lame but the funniness/good commentary/quotability levels are very high.

  3. “Saved!” rocks! Very much so. The ending is a bit … weak? But I’m not sure that a “strong” ending with lots of explosions would be right.

    It’s been a while since I watched “War Games”. I can see it being a tough movie to direct. It did not really impress me when I saw it the first time. You’re right about the nostalgia, though.

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