New Rule

The first car dealership to bake me a pie gets my business.

I’ve been dealing with them for less than a week and already I’m completely sick of car salespeople.

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  1. I got disgusted with dealerships too

    Back in ’93 when I bought my Neon they really annoyed me. It’s like WE are doing THEM a favor by shopping there.

    In the very late 90’s there were a ton of “deals” with coupons where you got all this free stuff if you test drove a car. GM, Ford and even Toyota were giving out $50 gift certificates to the fledgling for just going for a test drive. My X-wife and I did this about 6-8 times! Yeah, that’s $300-400 in FREE STUFF.

    We did a lot of test drives. Salesmen are assholes. I was especially disappointed in the Toyota Dealers. I LOVE Toyota cars. But their DEALERS are the worst.


    I feel your pain.

    I will never buy another new car. I’ll deal with private sales and used cars myself, thank you.

  2. I’d read an article on car salesmen a while back when I was refinancing my Maxima. The gist of it is, car sales began as a selection process whereby salesmen had the upper hand, trying to ensure only those who could actually afford one could get one. The arrogance inherit with such a sales strategy has survived ever since.

    1. Honestly, I almost wish they WERE arrogant. Nowadays they are all whiny and nagging and clingy and deeply desperate to “earn your business”. Blech.

      1. I’d imagine (can’t say I’ve tried buying a car lately, so this may be naive) all the whining and bullcrap could work in your favor if you approached it with a sociopathic “Let me screw you out of all your commission as best as possible” approach… lol. Whine back! (I don’t need to pay these dealer fees, etc. etc.)

    2. This totally happened to me when I was buying my first car.

      I walked into a Ford/Mercury dealership ready to pay CASH for any car on the lot, and asked to take the new Mustang convertible for a test drive.

      The salesman took one look at me and actually suggested that I come back the next day with my father.

      I would have loved to see the look on my face at that moment. I was livid. I don’t even think I said anything, just turned around and walked out the door. That guy never knew the comission he lost. Fucker.

  3. It’s almost as bad as buying art. 😉

    We were on our cruise and attended some art auctions. They were fun. And there were a few pieces we liked but were too expensive. And as with any auction you need to know the value of the work you’re purchasing.

    Anyways, I found some interesting blurbs on the web criticizing such cruise art auctions. One of which was hilarious. They felt ripped off because they found out their original artwork was one of a series of near identical paintings the painter had done and felt it wasn’t original. (This is not uncommon, I recall reading that there are at least 7 versions of “The Scream”.)

    Anyways, the comical part. These people spent $86,000 on their first auction. Got invited on a free special art auction cruise and spent another $250,000. They later felt ripped off.

    Uh…you’re going to blow nearly a 1/4 of a million dollars on art and have no clue about what you’re buying. *lol* I mean, most cruise ships allow you to pay for wireless internet. You could have at least researched some of the pieces.

    *shakes head*

    On the flip side, we have a subscription to Consumer Reports. I can try to look up info on any of the models.

    Best luck car hunting….if you’re not urgently in need. Walk out a few times and see if you can force them down.

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