Balance Sheet

Lose:  I went through their application process, and when I finished I was presented with a cryptic page which made lots of references to “your offers”, but didn’t actually have any “offers” on it or explain where they might be found.  So I called the number provided, and the representative could find no trace of my application on the system.  Then he started on a retention script when I tried to get off the phone.

Half an hour later I got a couple of emails from them with auto loan offers in them, and a call from Capital One.  I guess I was in the system after all.  Oh well, too late.

Win: USAA.  Not only did they give me the best financing offer, but out of all the people and institutions I’ve dealt with during my car hunt, the people I talked to were by far the nicest, most helpful, and most organized.  A+.  It’s a shame USAA isn’t available to everyone.

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  1. Is USAA a credit union?

    Credit Unions are way better than banks. Sadly, banks pay politicians big $$$ so that credit unions can’t compete openly with them.


  2. I’ve been banking with USAA for years. They are the absolute best for just about everything. Four stars. Plus, you can get USAA discounts on travel, which is also awesome.

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