Hey geeks

Is there a regular sci-fi con in Baltimore?  When is it?
I’ve never attended a con and I feel like remedying that situation.

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  1. There’s something in Hunt Valley around July, “shore leave” I think it’s called?

    I’ve never been there but intend to go this year…

      1. Ooohh…


        I think I’ll have to go. And look at that Claudia is supposed to be there. And Chief for BSG(r).

        Chief being probably the only character I really really like in that series.

        – Saj

        1. Of course with a baby due July 11th….my attendance will be in question.

          “Sorry dear that I wasn’t there for the baby’s birth…but you see…I was talking to aliens!”

  2. Hey if you hear about anything…let me know.

    I’ve been kind of geeking for a sci-fi convention. (If it has any B5 actors all the better.)

  3. http://www.balticon.org/

    I’ve never been, but friends of mine have been going almost religiously for years and years.

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