Because my lack of taste is matched only by my indecision

Internet, make my personal fashion decisions for me.

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  1. hmmm.. gotta agreee about the mullet thing – hobbit hair & guy on left are perilously close.

    but the guy on right maybe. it wouldn’t have to go up all the time, so maybe just something longer on the top/front and shorter on the back & sides?

    sorry, i didn’t actually use the poll feature 🙂

  2. Uhh, where is the “neither” option?

    Avdi, what are you smoking?

    1. Seconded…

      My response would have been..

      “No! Please!”

  3. Go find thyself a hair magazine or something, there are better hairstyles than this.

  4. With your curly hair, I would go more “Tom Waitsish”. That is short and clean on the sides and back, and messy and a bit wild on top.

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