If anyone else has a Twitter account, I’m avdi (surprise, surprise). I still haven’t figured out what, if anything, Twitter is good for; but I’ve been updating it from time to time; so.

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  1. your creativity knows no bounds.

  2. Seems good for stalking.

  3. Hm, speaking of which, when is the next BaltoLUG mtg? I take it yesterday was the last one πŸ˜‰
    I’ve yet to come to one and I want to…

      1. Awesome, thanks. (trying to find a good ical-compatible program in linux right now)

        I noticed in the RSS feed something about Brian Kernighan speaking at GWU. I’d love to attend that.

        1. Yeah, I try to stick any interesting linux-related events that come up on the mailing list into the calendar.

          I just use Google Calendat… works everywhere, and has a better interface than any desktop-based calendar I’ve ever used.

          1. Hm, good call. Looks good. And while I may have missed the boat yesterday, there is an Ubuntu meeting I could shoot for tomorrow…

        2. Interested in carpooling to the Kernighan talk?

          1. Sure. You’re coming from Towson right? Might be best to meet me where I work and go from there… I’d be looking to head out around 4-430ish since DC traffic sucks πŸ˜€
            (location here)

          2. well, 430-5 I guess… 2 hours should be enough time to navigate through the gridlock…

          3. Sounds reasonable. I’ll put it on my calendar.

  4. You are right, though. It’s one of the more mundane and useless internet tools out there.

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