It’s great that I’m popular. But couldn’t the people of the world COORDINATE their adoration of me?

This Saturday, the 28th:

  • It’s Privateer Day in Baltimore, which a certain bossy lady keeps telling me I’m attending.
  • I’ve been invited to a LAN party by


  • Stacey wants me to stay home, which she has every right to want, since I was barely home last Saturday.

Ah well.  These are, as they say, good problems to have.  Life is still good.

Does anyone know where I could come by sash, made of silk or something like it, preferably white or gold, of the sort which might make a man look dashing and rascally when tied about his waist?  Think pirate style, although it’s primary intended use is not for pirating.

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  1. If you want a lan party, there’s one going on in Greenbelt next weekend (friday at 9pm until midnight on saturday). The guy is charging $10 ($15 at the door), but that’s to offset the cost of the generator. Very fun times with these guys.

  2. Well, there will be plenty of more opportunities with LAN parties… so you can rule out the LAN party if you want to… but you might want to reserve July 13th through 15th though for the granddaddy of all LAN parties… as we call it…

    1. Sorry Avdi, that was me. I hate it when LJ magically logs me off… or my cookie magically expires… or something…

  3. Try Gabriel Bros. They tend to have a lot of such things from time to time.

    If not them, Jo-Ann fabrics is another thought. (There is one next to us BTW.) I imagine you can find the fabric you want and just buy a yard and tie it.

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