Just to be contrary…

OMG! Ron Paul on the Daily Show!  Libertarians rejoice!  A chorus of angels sings from on high!  Career government regulators fall down and repent at his feet!

Sure, it’s great that he’s getting some air time.  But am I the only libertarian who thinks that this wasn’t the greatest Daily Show appearance ever?  He comes across as kind of stiff and wooden, and it seemed like he only did as well as he did because Jon Stewart gave him a lot of very kind prompting.

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  1. was it a given…

    that it would be the “greatest Daily Show appearance ever?”

    Don’t get me wrong.. I like Ron Paul.. I don’t agree with him on everything.. but compared to all other republican candidates and the majority of the Democrats.. he’s great..

    but that doesn’t mean he’s gonna be necessarily so entertaining… My favorite candidate is Bill Richardson.. but I don’t think he’d look great on the Daily Show either…

    1. Re: was it a given…

      I’m just playing devil’s advocate to all the libertarian blogs going “OMG RON PAUL DAILY SHOW WOOOOOOO”.

      ‘Cause I’m ornery that way.

  2. As one who is apolitical, I’d just like to say that my first introduction to Ron Paul (on the Daily Show) was impressive. No, he didn’t come off as an entertainer. But that was part of what was refreshing. The guy smiled and it looked real, not as if he had been practicing it in a mirror for hours with his image consultant.

    I won’t vote for him because I don’t do that sort of thing, but if I did…

    Then again, I doubt the presidential machine will abide with him for long. Sadly I expect him to be chewed up and spat out soon.

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  3. I guess I really need to learn more about him, my dad keeps sending me all this stuff on him but I haven’t really had the time to look at it. My brother is apparently quite interested in him to.

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