Conservative politicians are secret philandering horndogs, film at 11.

Here’s what I don’t get about these Washington Madam stories.

You’re a successful politician.  You are wealthy, as almost all politicians are.  You may not be good-looking; but you’re charming enough to bamboozle 51% of your constituents into electing you.  And, as a politician, you’re powerful and know the right people.

Why the hell would you need to buy it?  Surely you could walk into a bar and walk out with a fetching young thing on any given night of the week.

Is it the level of skill that you’re paying for?  Or the illusion of discretion?

Or is what they say true, that you don’t pay a prostitute to for sex, you pay her to leave in the morning?

What’s the deal?

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  1. Ha! I don’t have an answer, but great point! (er, no pun intended!)

  2. Quick & Easy

    They have more money than time to hunt, and they don’t want to have to shoot and miss.

    Money is power and with money you can buy someone who will do what you say and will bend over and take it. All the rich and powerful go hunting in game reserves too where the “wild” animals are released on the trail right in front of them…

    Same concept.

  3. Paying for her to leave in the morning… that’d be my first guess. There is definitely a price on a politician’s credibility, and trashing it with a one-night stand would be a costly blunder.

  4. Think of the possible alternatives..

    1. Getting elected doesn’t necessarily mean you are personally charming–it could mean that you have lots of money and great PR. Thus.. you could be one uncharismatic son of a bitch.. and thus money is a necessity..

    2. Paying her to leave in the morning is a big point. I believe.. Do you really want to just pick up some “fetching young thing”–who, if she finds out who you are–may want more and could make major moolah by selling her story to the highest tabloid?–better to have sex with someone who doesn’t actually want to tell people officially that they had sex with you..

  5. Because, really, liberal politicians aren’t secret philandering horndogs at all.

  6. Less violently so than rape, a feeling of power?
    I would think that politicians get tired of all of the compromise on the job. Here is a chance to dial a number and have somebody more or less do whatever you want.
    Too, don’t lose sight of the context. Married dude. I can foresee cheating on the wife not as being about releasing my own tension, but as a means of attacking the woman who has (in my distorted need for justification) wronged me. Who knows the messy details? I’m no voyeur; I really don’t care. I just hope that we don’t have to go through some national porn movie by proxie here.

  7. this article has a theory as to why. it’s under point number nine.

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