Quick Update

Between being busy at the new job and still having DSL issues at home, I haven’t been been very social on the Internet lately.

My life in a nutshell:

The new job kicks just as much ass as I hoped it would.  I have zero regrets.  I’m working with technology I love with a group of passionate and incredibly sharp engineers.  I hope to expand on just why it’s so great in the future, but for now: it rocks.

For reasons unrelated to work I’ve been a little depressed lately.  Which sucks, but it’s manageable. And I’m glad I have such a great work environment to distract me.

I’m playing hooky from the LARP tonight.  Just don’t have the motivation to deal with it right now.  Especially since it’s going to be a tribunal and I have little stomach for politics whether in or out of character.

Instead, after I wrap this up I’m going to head over to Ascension@Orpheus.

Further updates to follow, at some point…

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