taught me how to crochet last night!  I’m totally busting out yarn and crochet hooks at the next staff meeting.

Speaking of which, I’m beginning to think it’s a rule that every organization has to have someone who’s a total morale sink in upper management.  Someone who, at the blowout party celebrating a successful IPO, gets up and spends five minutes lecturing the employees on refilling the coffee pot when you take the last cup of coffee.

Stacey’s off at a full moon circle tonight.  I downloaded the Independence Day RiffTrax and watched it with the kids.  I’ve hated that movie since I first saw it, and it was immensely satisfying to see it mocked without mercy.

I was going to get stuff done today, but wound up spending the afternoon sleeping off a migraine.  I think they are getting more frequent.

Any day now I’ll get off this boring lifebloggy kick and start writing Deep Thoughts again.

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  1. Crocheting is cool! What are you going to make? You should make a waterbottle holder, it’s very useful and not unmanly if you make it in the right colors.

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