I’m pretty sure I’m depressed. Not as in “sad” or “angsty”, but what headshrinks mean when they say “depressed”. I feel listless and deflated. I’m taking care of Stacey and the baby but I’m doing it like an automaton. it takes too much energy to smile. all I really want to do is sit and stare… or sleep. it’s not just a matter of fatigue; I’m getting sufficient rest. I can’t even be cheered by looking at Kashti, asleep in his sling.

I wonder, is there such a thing as male post-partum depression?

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  1. Don’t see why not

    Any sudden change in one’s situation, particularly that dramatically increases one’s obligations, can reasonably cause depression: depression being a subject I have posted about a bit.

  2. “I wonder, is there such a thing as male post-partum depression?”

    I’m sure there is! If you’re seriously concerned, and it sounds like it to me, you know there’s no shame in seeking professional assistance… or at least a professional opinion. Sending positive energy your way, in the meantime! Many blessings…

  3. post-partum depression

    “Amen” to both posts before this. I could not have said it better. Any situation which causes your adrenaline to max out is bound to be followed by depression; you have no more of th emotion related hormones adrenaline and cortisone left in your body. Give your body time to rebuild itself.

  4. Yes there is such a thing as male PPD. 20% I believe of males experience it. I’ll be calling you guys tomorrow….

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