Ramsay’s Kitchen Fanasies

Once inside the restaurant, 8511 SW 136th St., the producers made it clear exactly what we needed to do to be on TV: Complain, volubly and bitterly. “If you have something to say about the food or the service,” a producer instructed, “give us a signal so we can bring the camera to the table. Once we’re there, don’t look directly at the camera, but speak in a loud voice so the microphone will pick you up clearly.”

I love the show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. It’s great television. But I’ve watched enough of it to realize a great deal of it must be staged. This article confirms a lot of my suspicions.

I don’t actually care so much about the hiring of actors, etc… I just think it’s kinda sad that the restaurant owners don’t get more quality time with Ramsay out of the deal. Seems like the least the guy could give in return is a day or two of serious consulting/mentoring.

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