Healthcare reform I can get behind

We start by offering same-day appointments that you can schedule conveniently online. In the office, we respect your time by meeting with you on schedule so you know you’ll be back to work on time. We also believe in building more personalized relationships with our patients, so we offer longer visits which means you have more high-quality time with your doctor. And after your visit, our online services make it simple to contact your doctor and even renew prescriptions without coming in for a follow-up visit — saving you both time and money.

Healthcare is one of the most customer-unfriendly industries you’ll ever find. The stuff they force patients to put up with daily would never be considered acceptable in other industries. The only reason doctors get away with it is because medicine has an unusually high barrier to entry (making it harder for just anyone to set up a competing service) and an unusually complicated system of monetary incentives and disincentives. It’s neat to see that some doctors are starting to question the status quo.

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