I am not a jealous man. But this sharing-one-PC thing is straining my patience. Anybody got a spare (working) PC they want to get rid of?

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  1. ;p

    never let a woman stand between you and your machine
    (no offense stacey O:-) )

  2. Tons. I’ve got tons of hardware and could easily build you something on the cheap. Let me know.

  3. uh,…

    yeah, but only for pickup….needs a reformat and installation…if you want to visit CT

  4. Bah, I’ll ship. And mine is better. *wink*

    1. Well, WE could give him a classic!! We have a 486 originally intended for Emma. *grins* And classics are always better, right??

      1. *grins*

        COnsidering that’s a model T in computing terms I suppose. I wonder if it runs on kerosene…..

        1. Nah. It runs on grass….

          So, think I oughta save it for him?

      2. A 486 is what I was trying to get working last night. Although “classic” isn’t what I was calling it…

        1. I’m sure that I’ve called it those names before, too….

  5. Oh you guys! Send me the cheap one! I’ll be satisfied with that. Avdi needs his computer.

    …and I was monopolizing it last night. Sorry. But all he had to do was just tell me what he wanted and I woulda’ been off in the blink of an eye!

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